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The exotic beach of Grambousa - Balos


The prefecture of Chania, the western of Crete, is characterized by its natural beauty. The gorgeous White Mountains creating gorges and sharp ravines (Samaria, Saint Irini, Aradena, Imvros) are crossing the landscape between north and south cost. The areas of Kissamos and Chania are covered with vast olive and orange groves creating an environment of fertility and development.

The endless sandy beaches which are among the best of the country(Gramvoussa-Balos-Falassarna-Elafonissi- Sougia-Paleochora-Sfakia) and the untouched inland with its traditional villages, the picturesque neighborhoods of the old town of Chania and its architecture combined with the hospitality and the mentality of Cretan people make the area one of the most popular destination for all seasons of the year.

The hotel "THEALIA" that is created with care and respect to the natural environment, emphasizing at the comfort of internal and external spaces is ideal to accommodate your family or a group of 2-3 families for unforgettable relaxing vacations by the cretan nature.

The area of Gramvoussa is at the north western part of the island and is expanded over the cultivated overgrown slopes of its south villages up to the mountainous volume of the homonymous peninsula The village of Karefiliana where is the hotel is 6 km away of the town of Kissamos (capital of the municipality) and 43 km. away from the city of Chania. Sovereign elements of the environment are the dense vegetation (mostly olive groves) and the unlimited view of the sea blue. The peninsula of Gramvoussa is ending at two small islands, a gorgeous sandy beach, a small port protecting small boats in bad weather and the ruins of a big Venetian castle. In short distances you can enjoy:

  • At a distance of 7 klm. the sandy beach of Falassarna with transparent crystal water.

  • At a distance of 11 km. The island and the beach of Balos, an excellent sight seeing which you can visit by boat from Kissamos or by car following an old rough road and then walking down a staircase.

  • At a distance of 47 km. Elafonissi tropical sandy beach and the monastery of Chryssoskalitissa.

  • Samaria gorge.

  • The city of Chania

The area is offered for active travelers, for walking around, visits to traditional villages, beaches, archeological areas, gorges etc.

elafonisi xania
                     Elafonisi                                    Night view of the beautiful city
                                                                   of Chania.

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